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We are an old-school, mom & pop art store on the other side of Washington state. We've been in business for 65 years and hope to keep finding the best way to help artists.

We know we cannot compete head to head on 1,000s of items, so we've created a number of Travel Sets and watercolor selections to help cut through a lot of the noise out in the retail world. We try and find items that are a good quality and maybe even a better price. Whether for a complete beginner in the watercolor world..or an advanced artist that wants to try something new, hopefully these specific items that we've chosen will work great for you!

As we start this new part of our business we are only selling items into the US and only with standard shipping. As we get better at this venture, we will add items and shipping options. The good news is that the most we will charge you to ship your order is $5.00!
up to $64.99 is $5.00 shipping
orders $65.00 and over: FREE

Phone: 1-800-556-5568